Live Nation in Tampa, Florida - Evil racist black worker Linda manhandles women gets aggressive

Customer service

I went to the sound garden concert In Tampa weeks ago in august 2014. I was entering VIP and encountered a very nasty evil black nlgger lady named Linda.

Linda. In her 50s decided to pick on me and manhandle me. She was putting wrist bands on people. She began getting aggressive with me grabbing my hand and accusing me of walking away.

Which made no sense. Linda was crazy and evil. She then complained to my date about me. I was just sitting there holding my arm out normally and crazy psycho Linda began abusing me.

Then whining abt me to my date. For no reason. Linda was just an angry jealous black bltch who was jealous of me cuz I'm an attractive minority. How dare she.

Linda shud be fired.

Livenation hires nutjobs to work for them. Beware of Linda the evil angry nlgger ***

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Live Nation in East Lake-Orient Park, Florida - LiveNation - Abusive Behavior Review from East Lake-Orient Park, Florida

East Lake-Orient Park, Florida

I went to the amphitheater in Tampa for a concert. There was an evil nlgger female named Linda.

She was black old and putting arm bands on people in VIP. Evil Linda. Began abusing me. She grabbed my arm and then acted rude.

Then she said i was trying to pull away from her and told my date to tell me to hold still. My date was a fat dumb coward and didn't defend me against the sociopath Linda who is an old psychopathic black nlgger but Linda should

Be fired totally. She is crazy and evil. She continued complaining about me to my date.

If that was my date I would've popped psychopathic Linda in the head. She is evil and crazy and should be beaten or something.

She ruined the concert and event for me and is a psycho bully. Linda needs to be fired from livenation she is evil abusive and a bully.

Live Nation in Honesdale, Pennsylvania - LiveNation tickets sent me the wrong tickets


I have just had the worst concert experience of my life, thanks to LiveNation and Toyota Pavilion – and I have been to hundreds of concerts in my 48 years.

I purchased 2 lawn 4-packs on the LiveNation website for the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert scheduled for August 16, and paid a total of $210.20 - $85 plus $20.10 in processing fees for each 4-pack. I received two tickets in the mail, each reading “lawn 4-pack” at the bottom right-hand corner.

There was no reason for me to think I had received anything other than what I had ordered. There were seven people, including three small children, in my group, and a friend had paid me $25 to use the eighth seat and was planning to meet us at the gate. When we arrived at the gate an hour before show time, we were told that we should have received eight tickets, and we would have to go to the box office to have LiveNation’s error corrected. The friend who had purchased my eighth seat was with another group, and decided to purchase another ticket so their group would not be late for the show, so I refunded her the $25 she had paid me.

My husband and I then left my two children standing at the gate with my sister and her family (piled high with blankets), walked ½ mile to the box office, and explained to 5 different people what had happened before someone was able to help us – but they would only give us 7 tickets even though I had paid for eight. In the meantime, the show had already started, and we didn’t get to our seats until well into the third song. By then, there was no place left in the family section, so we were forced to sit in the general section, where we had to inhale cigarette smoke (we are all non-smokers, and I am an asthmatic) and my children had beer spilled on them. We left before Journey even came onstage, as we began to fear for our children’s safety because the majority of the people were becoming seriously intoxicated.

A person behind us in line at the box office said the same thing had happened to him and to others.

Ticket buyers beware!

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